CCB Band Handbook

Rehearsal Place:

Citadel Band Room (other rehearsal sites may be scheduled as needed)

Rehearsal Time:

Tuesdays at 7:15-9:15 (other rehearsal times may be scheduled as needed)

Band Season:

Early February to Early July and Early August to Mid-December (special concerts and other band activities may be scheduled during band breaks).


Members are required to attend the majority of rehearsals and the dress rehearsal prior to a performance.  Members who do not meet these requirements may be barred from performing in the concert.  Exceptions may be made by the Section Leader with the concurrence of the Conductor.


Newcomers to the band will become Regular Members after attending four consecutive band rehearsals. Regular Members can participate in business meetings, hold office, and vote in elections.

Members need to inform their Section Leader each time they will miss rehearsal. Members who have missed four or more rehearsals without contacting their section leader will have their membership status changed to Inactive Member. Inactive Members who have not had contact with their Section Leader for a significant amount of time will be dropped from the band roster.

Concert Information:

Concert information (place, date, time, etc.) will be announced at rehearsals and also posted to the band website when the information is known.

Concert call time is 60 minutes prior to the performance unless otherwise stated by the Conductor. Members should be in their seats and ready to play at call time. The Section Leader should be contacted if a member cannot make call time.

Outdoor Performance Concert Attire:

Khaki pants, skirts, or shorts with white CCB polo shirt. CCB polo shirt are $25 and can be purchased from the band treasurer.

Formal/Indoor Performance Concert Attire

Women: black dress; or black blouse with black skirt or pants; black hose; black shoe

Men: White dress shirt; black suit or tuxedo; black bow tie; black socks; black dress shoes

Concert Music Stands and Lights:

Members may be required to bring their own black music stand and stand light to a concert. The band will be informed prior to a concert if this will need to be done.

Concert Setup:

Volunteers will be needed before and after most concerts to load equipment onto the truck. The Equipment Manager will announce when loading crews are needed and what time to meet in the band room.

All members who are physically able are expected to volunteer sometime during the band season to help load the truck. Participation by all able members will ensure an equitable distribution of this work.

Music Library:

It is suggested that members copy their assigned music to take home. Members may only remove their folders and original music by signing the section “take out sheet” prepared by the Band Librarian. A member who loses or damages a folder and/or music originals will be fined for the total cost of music lost and replacement of the folder.

Rehearsal Etiquette:

Members are expected to maintain good rehearsal discipline and treat fellow members with courtesy and respect. Standards of good rehearsal etiquette include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be ready to start playing at rehearsal call time

  • Be musically prepared for rehearsal

  • Give the Conductor your full attention when (s)he is at the podium including when the band is not playing)

  • Respect musical decisions made by the Conductor

  • Turn cell phones off or to vibrate

  • Cell phones outdoors or in the hallway during rehearsal

Picture Taking and Video Recording at Rehearsals:

Pictures taken at rehearsals are not for public distribution without the written consent of all the band members in the photo. 

No video recordings of rehearsals can be made.  Because of member privacy and to prevent any violation of copyright laws, absolutely no video recordings of rehearsals can be placed on any type of social media. 

Video/Audio Recording and Picture-Taking at Concerts:

In the case of concerts, video and audio recordings are permissible, as those are public performances, and the process of recording does not interfere with the individual performers or the overall performance.  

 Resolving Concerns/Grievances:

Any band issues or problems should be directed to one’s Section Leader, the Conductor, or a board member. This should be done before or after band, or during a break.

If a problem exists between two or more members which cannot be resolved amicably, a grievance form can be filled out by all parties involved and the matter will be presented at the next CCB board meeting to be discussed and resolved.